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Orange prawns

Orange prawns

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Orange Prawns Recipe of of 06-02-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

The orange prawns are a refined and delicate dish that I prepared some time ago with some beautiful organic oranges that they gave me to be able to make the jam (whose recipe you will soon see on the blog), and the combination with crustaceans is This recipe is a real treat, if Ivano liked shellfish, I would certainly prepare them for him on Valentine's Day, but I think for him I will have to opt for a fillet of meat or something like that, but if you have fellow lovers of the fish, prepare them these orange prawns and you will make them happy, guaranteed.This morning I have prepared the refreshment for my sourdough and I'm doing the litmus test to see if it is active, if so, you will see a post in which I'll tell you about my experience to make sourdough from scratch and I'll do a first experiment to make bread, so cross your fingers for me. I greet you and I get to work, today Elisa is at the park with her grandparents so I have to take the opportunity to do as many things as possible at full speed;) Basins and see you later.


How to make orange prawns

Wash the prawns, remove their heads and peel them (click here to see how to clean the prawns)

Wash the orange, cut it in half and make 4 slices from one half, then chop the chives

Melt a knob of butter in a pan with the orange slices

Lift the orange slices and place them on a plate, then add the prawns

Deglaze with the cointreau, add the orange juice and chives and add salt

Serve the orange prawns on the previously set orange slices and serve hot.


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