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Sponge stew (ghebe) with rice garnish

Sponge stew (ghebe) with rice garnish

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Sponge stew:

We clean the sponges, then wash them very well in 3-4 waters. Put some water to boil in a pot. When it boils, put the sponges and boil them for about 25 minutes. We take them out when they are ready, we pass them under a stream of cold water and we chop them, but not very small. We clean the onion, wash it and chop it finely. Peel the carrot and cut it into cubes. We clean the kapia pepper from the seeds and cut it into small pieces. We peel the tomato and make it into cubes.

Heat the oil in a pan. Add all the vegetables (except the dumplings), 2-3 tablespoons of water and sauté for about 4 minutes. Put the sponges, season with salt, pepper, add about 1 cup of water. Cover with a lid and let it simmer. When all the juice has dropped and the vegetables are well penetrated, we clean the garlic, grind it and incorporate it into our food. Set aside the pan and prepare the garnish.

Rice topping:

Peel an onion and chop it. We cut the cleaned carrot and the kapia pepper into cubes. Heat the oil, a few drops of water, the vegetables and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Add 1 cup and 1/2 water. Wash the rice well and when the vegetables start to boil, add the rice. Let it cook over low heat. When the rice is well penetrated and has dropped enough, season with salt, pepper and dried dill. Incorporate the tomato paste and let it boil for another 3-4 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes.

Put a stew, rice garnish on a plate and serve. They go very well together, they are tasty and with a portion you really get tired.

Mushroom Stew with Sour Cream Recipe

Last week's yolk soup whetted my appetite for sponges, mushrooms. And since last week I bought some champignon mushrooms from the supermarket, I thought a mushroom stew would be good. A mushroom stew with sour cream and hot polenta. And besides the fact that this recipe is very good, it is also very fast.


  • 800-1000 g mushroom mushrooms
  • a small onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 200-250 ml sour cream
  • a tablespoon of flour
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • green parsley
  • a teaspoon of paprika

Wash well and clean all ingredients.

Cut the mushrooms into quarters, chop the onion and garlic. Put the two tablespoons of olive oil in a hot pan and add the onion to soften a little. When it has taken on a little color, add the garlic.

Over these, we add the mushrooms & # 8230

And when they have hardened a little, add a tablespoon of paprika and pepper.

Mix, mix and add enough water to let them boil for 10-15 minutes and then take the juice (about a cup) with a polish in which we add the flour and mix well so that it does not remain lumpy. Pour the mixture thus obtained over the mushrooms and let it boil for about 4-5 minutes. We turn off the stove and put the cream over it.

Mix, season with salt to taste, make polenta, chop the parsley and serve immediately.

A little secret: it goes great with a clove of garlic. And if you don't know the recipe for chicken with mushrooms and sour cream, stay close. To see there culinary madness with mujdei.

Equally tasty are:

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Mushroom Stew with Sour Cream Recipe

Comment by Eleonora on October 7, 2010 at 10:25

I would put a white pepper over it to season
more recently, I discovered this passion for white pepper, and this recipe comes in handy because I really like mushroom dishes. Thanks for the ideas!

Comment by larisa on October 7, 2010 at 13:45

white pepper goes, how not
good appetite for mushroom stew if you are thinking of trying my recipe

Comment by Pink Panther on June 4, 2011 at 00:09

It leaves my mouth watering. Tomorrow I will definitely make this recipe. Kiss you

Comment by Mada on August 31, 2011 at 11:28 am

This recipe is not good. It is wrong, because the flour and cream are put at the end, then it is left on low heat for about 5 minutes.
I tried it and threw everything away.
The sour cream was made like water.
Look for other recipes.

Comment by Larisa on September 10, 2011 at 12:36 pm

It depends on the cream you use, what you see in the photo is made according to the recipe above, so it is possible.

Comment by dany on October 13, 2015 at 20:08

water was made probably because you put a weaker cream and a lot of water.

Comment by vico on January 18, 2016 at 11:02

Yes, it really is good. We have been making this stew for years with any kind of mushroom or forest sponge. As today's young people would say soperok.

Rice with chickpeas and saffron

Rice with chickpeas and saffron from: rice, chickpeas, saffron, baking soda, salt, pepper.


  • 500 g long grain rice
  • 250 g chickpeas
  • 1/4 tip of saffron knife
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • salt
  • pepper

Method of preparation:

The chickpeas that are put to swell in warm water with baking soda, from one day to the next. The next day it is drained, picked and rinsed in several waters. Then boil it with water that passes over the chickpeas by 5 cm. Foam several times, then reduce the heat and simmer. Do not add salt until it is ready to boil.

Meanwhile, the rice is boiled in two different dishes: one with plain water, one with saffron water. The rice is boiled with twice as much water as the rice, the lid is put on and, when the water has dropped, it is ready.

To serve, place the ingredients in a bowl greased with a little oil as follows: saffron rice, chickpeas and then white rice.

Sponge food with garlic

& # 8211 400 g fresh sponges
2 onions
& # 8211 5-6 cloves of garlic
& # 8211 50 g butter
& # 8211 4 tablespoons oil
& # 8211 1 tablespoon broth
& # 8211 150 ml red wine
& # 8211 salt and pepper to taste
& # 8211 a few sprigs of dill and parsley
Method of preparation :
Sponges are cleaned of impurities, washed and cut into smaller pieces or can be left whole. I used frozen sponges (I went to pick a few weeks ago and stocked up for the winter).

In a hot pan, put 2 tablespoons of oil together with the butter. Add finely chopped onion and stir constantly until translucent. If you want the food to be fasting, omit the butter.

Then put the sponges, stirring a little, add the wine, cover the pan and let the sponges simmer over low heat. Stir occasionally.

When they are almost cooked, add the broth (maybe without it), salt and pepper. Stir and leave on the fire for 3-4 minutes.

Turn off the heat, add 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic and finely chopped greens. From 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic, 2 tablespoons of oil, salt and a little water, make a mujdei (I don't add water to the mujdei anymore, just rub the garlic with a little salt and oil).
Sponges are served hot with garlic sauce and polenta. They can be eaten cold or used as a side dish.


With this ghebe recipe with garlic and polenta, my mother delights me every autumn when I was a child.

Now we find them very rarely, but we make the most of their presence on the plate. I received a bag of ghebe from my cousin so I can share with you this simple, good and fasting recipe!

I don't know what relationship you have with mushrooms, but we really like them. And the recipe for ghebe with garlic and polenta is absolutely sensational, both in simplicity and taste.

Ghebele collected from the hills of Vrancea or from the Buzau mountains have never been missing from our house. Fortunately, during the communist period no one put restrictions on their collection. And, somehow, I didn't even hear about people poisoned with mushrooms picked from the forest, as it happens nowadays.

I don't know how to choose and distinguish good mushrooms from poisonous ones. At one point, someone in Bucovina explained to me how I should look at the mushroom tail and what else, but I didn't remember because I didn't intend to go and pick mushrooms in the forests of my homeland. Another simple mushroom stew recipe, served with polenta, fasting / vegan recipe can be found in this link. I have many recipes with mushrooms on the blog, and I have collected the recipes with fasting mushrooms in this collection.

Ghebe with garlic and polenta is my proposal of simple, peasant food, which I can even include in traditional dishes.

For the recipe below I would have liked to have a double portion, but I was satisfied with what I received. Kiss my hand for ghebe, my dear cousin!

If you want you can put some green parsley at the end, I really recommend. I did not put because my son is in the period & # 8220without parsley & # 8221, & # 8220without dill & # 8221, generally without greens.

If you want to see how to make ghebele with garlic and polenta, I leave below the list of ingredients and how to prepare it presented step by step, steps highlighted with pictures.


500-550 g ghebe
1 large onion
1 small kapia pepper
2-3 tablespoons oil
2 very large garlic cloves
100 ml vegetable / water soup

Wash the ghee well and then boil them. If they are already preserved, skip the boil, just wash and chop them.

In a pan, heat the diced chopped pepper and finely chopped onion until it becomes translucent, add the boiled and coarsely chopped gheb.

Let it fry for about 10 minutes, quench with 100 ml of vegetable soup, season with salt, pepper and a few cloves of crushed garlic and leave on the fire until the liquid evaporates. Meanwhile, we prepare the polenta. 2 minutes before turning off the heat, put the rest of the crushed garlic and taste to see if we still need salt or pepper.

Serve the ghebele with garlic, polenta and a glass of brandy!

This recipe is specially made for the Dulce Romania & # 8230 challenge

Forest sponges

Species of forest mushrooms from Romania. 02-06-2017 Mushrooms. Forest mushrooms come in different shapes and colors and have various and suggestive names. The most common edible species of fungi that we find in the forests of Romania are the following: More & gt & gt. People walk through the forests and pick such mushrooms in the lower floors of the forest. Foresters say that mushrooms only need 3-6 days to reach an average size if they have them.

List of varieties of PADS Top of consumption of that period was impressive, the author exemplifying with the known ones of the villagers from Suceava county: mushrooms, shepherds, eggplants, hulughiţe, breadcrumbs, tomatoes, trout sponges of on beech (maple, poplar), sponges of CIOATA of plum (beech, apple, hair), nectarines, guitars, fatty sponges, sponges, sponges. Mushroom consumption: Beware of mushroom poisoning. 06-05-2020 Mushrooms. During this period, a fairly large number of people use different varieties of mushrooms, harvested from the natural environment (meadows or forests) under the pretext that they distinguish edible mushrooms from those considered poisonous 4 onions, 3 peppers, 2 kilograms of sponges. forest, pepper, salt, oil, broth, garlic, parsley. Difficulty: Reduced Time: 1h 15 min. 11 votes. Method of preparation. Finely chop the onion and pepper and put them in a saucepan, add the hardened mushrooms, stirring occasionally. Add a little broth, pepper, more. Sponge garlic food is a recipe that our grandparents usually prepare in the country. But if you have found fresh sponges in the market, do not avoid this dish, which is very easy to prepare and very nutritious.

- 400 g fresh sponges - 2 onions - 5-6 cloves of garlic - 50 g butter - 4 tablespoons oil - 1 tablespoon broth - 150 ml red wine - salt and pepper to taste - a few sprigs of dill and parsley : Sponges are cleaned of impurities, washed and cut into smaller pieces or can be left whole I recommended them to hire, part-time, my father Maricica, the old woman of the village, who of 80 years consuming mushrooms and sponges, picked by her, from the forest and as is easy to understand, she never picked any of the poisonous mushrooms. 8) Be clear From time to time open the oven and turn in the zacusca. It is ready when it has dropped well (not to be juicy). Near the end, put tomato paste, large salt to taste and a few peppercorns. Let it boil for about 15 minutes in the oven and then take it out. Let it cool. We wash the jars well with hot water Gheba - ARMILLARIELLA MELLEA - is also called autumn popenchi, opintici, halimasi is a parasitic fungus, which grows on tree trunks producing white mold, at the root of trees, in coniferous forests, by in orchards, we find them starting with August, but in very large quantities we find them in September and October

Zacusca with opintici is my favorite. Opintics are small sponges, many are made in a root, some are known as ghebe, others as pipinci. For me in Suceava they are called: opintici. I like this zacusca so much that I didn't even want to touch the robot but I chopped everything by hand to be perfect 3. Meanwhile, prepare the vinegar solution: to 500 ml of vinegar and 250 ml of water, put 2 teaspoons of salt. After the solution has boiled, add the cloves, bay leaf, pepper and olive oil. 4. Put the mushrooms and the peeled garlic in the jar. Pour the hot stain on top, leaving 1.5 -2 cm until.

You may also be interested in: blender recipes, search for recipes, light chicken recipes, 100 gordon ramsey recipes, simple and quick recipes without baking, simple and quick cake recipes, fasting recipes, sponge cake, jamie recipes olive, how to fry hazelnuts NICORETI, MISCELLANEOUS SPONGES (Calocybe gambosa) Basic characteristics: the whole mushroom has a creamy-white to ochraceous color appears in spring-early summer (hence the name May sponge) has a strong smell and taste of fresh flour, thick meat Fresh sponge salad, picked from the forest. in Personal Recipe. Sponges are a delicacy, especially if they are well prepared. They can be made into a salad or served as a garnish for various fatty steaks (pork or chicken - boiled and then put in the oven). It's not bad if you serve it to the boiled goose and then put it in the oven

Page 1 of 4 - Wild mushroom stew - posted in Recipes in pictures: Like every summer, I look forward to the first wild mushrooms appear in the market. Normally, during this period already mushrooms appeared, but this year the weather turned upside down, no chance. I stopped over some yellows, threw them in the bag and ran home. The basic recipe I started from: As. The wild mushrooms bring special taste and aroma in this recipe and I advise you to put at least a handful of yolks, mushrooms, dew sponges or similar. Of course I'm talking about fresh mushrooms, not canned. Ghebele can be marinated with vinegar and spices (pickled ghebe) and put in a jar for the winter - the recipe here The difference between sponges and mushrooms is not so great, according to popular speech. However, it seems that the mushrooms have a large and wide hat, and the sponges have a small and round hat. Another difference would be in the place where they grow: flat mushrooms, forest sponges, tree roots Sponge recipes :) 10 sponge recipes were found. Autumn salad with sponges Well, since I arrived I had such a craving to walk through the forest, which did not materialize because of my dwarf. which didn't even let me out. Read on. Read reviews (21) Similar Items Hot sponges pan Preserved wild mushrooms, harvested in June. Market products - food »Other food products 20 lei. Bistrita 17 sep. Homemade zacusca with mushrooms. Market products - food »Other food products 13 lei. Bacau 17 sep. New children's mushroom pool in sealed box.

Types and Species of Edible Mushrooms: Description and

Mushrooms for winter, in oil or brine, a simple recipe, without preservatives - it is an old recipe that I have used for many years and is suitable for any kind of mushrooms: mushrooms, ghebe, jute, yellows, manatees, mushrooms. When I was in Romania, I always had wild mushrooms, tasty, either picked by my aunts from the forest from Revarsarea, or they brought my colleagues. In the Ciupercomania pages I will present you topics, with and about mushrooms. So far I have written such articles. And if I haven't touched on an aspect that would have interested you, ask me your questions and I will try to answer you as soon as possible Fresh, dried, frozen mushrooms / porcini mushrooms / wild mushrooms. Market products - food »Vegetables - fruits 30 lei. Negotiable. Bucharest, Sector 1 26 aug. Fresh mushrooms without worms. Fresh wild mushrooms. Porcini. Food products - market »Other food products.

500 g hot sponges (jute) cleaned of the pink lamellae under the hat and the skin on the outside (the skin is removed with a knife, by scraping) I used scalded sponges, already prepared for winter 7 green onion threads (I I only used the leaves because it was a little bigger. Preparation Pickled sponges in vinegar. From the mentioned quantities there are 5 jars of 400 gr and 1 jar of 250 gr. hour on low heat Once cooked, the sponges are removed and drained Water mixed with vinegar, salt and peppercorns Read more When picking mushrooms - Forest hen or Yellow Bait - Laetiporus sulphureus - Duration : 13:45 Cook Haiduc 17,388 views 13:45 850 g wild sponges (or mushroom mixture) salt pepper 250 ml grated nutmeg soup 1 knife tip grated lemon peel 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Preparation: Clean onion and garlic, cut in two onions and one in half You get cloves and bay leaves

Discover edible mushroom species that grow in

  1. Forest sponges with sour cream from: onion, garlic, bay leaf, cloves, flour, butter, milk, sour cream, forest sponges, salt, pepper, soup, nutmeg, lemon peel, parsley. Ingredients: 1 large onion 1 clove of garlic 1 bay leaf 2 cloves 50 g flour 90 g butter 800 ml milk 300 ml sour cream 850 g [
  2. . We carefully clean the sponges because they are never of the same variety, guitars, jute, breadcrumbs, bales or pig's ear.
  3. edible forest sponges - e-transylvania - Searches. Description- Short-lived, edible mushroom, found from April to November, in gardens, parks, cultivated places. It prefers fertilized soils. Sporadic. Cylindrical ovoid hat, 5-10cm high, 3-6cm thick with grooved furrowed edge
  4. soak in boiling water to which a little salt and lemon has been added. In another bowl, glazed, boil the vinegar with salt and spices

Hat: small size 2-5 cm in diameter, initially convex, then slightly lobed at the edges, Blades: spaced, free, ocher Foot: 2-5 cm long, solid, ocher color, fibrous Spores: 8-11 x 5 -6 microns, ellipsoidal, white in mass Meat: white, with a pleasant smell and taste Habitat: they usually grow in groups on grassy meadows where they often form 'witch choirs', they can also be found. Calocybe gambosa, sin. Tricholoma georgii, popularly called Sfântu 'Gheorghe sponge, May sponge, spinach sponge or nicorete, is a saprophytic species of edible fungus from the Basidiomycota family in the Lyophyllaceae family and the genus Calocybe. It can be found in Romania, Bessarabia and Bucovina. North through meadows and mountain pastures, bushes, parks, at. Forest mushrooms (Agaricus silvaticus) - *** - pictures. Snake hat or Snake sponge - Macrolepiota procera. It is also called Parasol (English). Its surface is covered with snake-like scales, in our country it is called the snake's hat or snake sponges. Thorn sponges, dew sponges and wrinkles. We buy in unlimited quantities at exceptional prices: spinach sponges, dew sponges, wrinkles, mushrooms, yellows, craites and berries, fresh. Sc Silvicola Impex Srl City: Berbesti County: Valcea Altu

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https: // / editor) Unfoldment, Revealment, Evolution, Exposition, Integration by Chris Zabri .. Please send the orders to the email address [email protected] or to the telephone number 0721647728. The delivery of the package is done with Romanian Post or Express Courier. The payment can be made in advance in the account and in this way you save the reimbursement fees or with the payment upon receipt of the package. They are the first to appear, either on the ground or on trees. The autumn ones are fatter, have a thicker and more rounded hat on the inside and are generally grouped in bundles.

Recipes from 100 years ago with wild mushrooms

  • Forest sponges: catalogs with discounts, offers and promotions from your favorite stores. Prices, products and discounts on forest sponges, forest aroma s
  • Yellow stew with sour cream. Mushroom dish with garlic flavored sauce. Very tasty! Especially if it is made with wild mushrooms, such as yellows. They are rarely found in the market or supermarket, but twice a year I enjoy them and buy a basket.
  • 600 g Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms 40 g Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms 1 piece Leek Leek 1 piece Yellow onion 3 pieces Yellow onion 3 cloves Garlic Garlic 1 piece Carrots Carrot 1 piece Celery Celery 1 piece Hot peppers Hot peppers 1 link Parsley Parsley 20 ml % Cream 20% 100 ml Natural yogurt 3.5% Natural yogurt 3.5% Croutons.
  • A quick stew of ears, also called yellow sponges or marigolds, yellow or Latin Cantharellus cibarius to understand the world. Simple, fast. Traditional Recipes Tagged With: wild mushrooms, how to make sponge stew, how to make mushroom stew, how to cook tassels ,.
  • Among the edible mushrooms we list: 1.Hrib, monarch, pitarcă: Boletus edulis from the Boletacee family, has a light brown hat, bulging, spherical and almost extended. Its pulp is white with a pleasant taste and smell. Grows in deciduous, coniferous forests, from spring to autumn very good edible
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Species of forest mushrooms from Romani

  • Forest mushrooms from importers, direct producers present on Discover forest mushrooms at reduced prices (6 products
  • EXCELLENT edibility Name Popular name Image Agaricus arvensis Field mushroom, Sheep mushroom Agaricus Bisporus Champignon, Dung mushroom Agrocybe cylindracea Poplar mushroom Amanita caesarea Royal sponge, clay, champ
  • The yellow stew is most often prepared with sour cream. Well, I didn't have sour cream in the house, and I couldn't go shopping either. Besides, you just know that I don't cook according to the original recipes (I can't even say with my heart that I know and respect them), but after I have them in the fridge. We add the inspiration of the moment and the chronic lack of time and that's how my dishes come out
  • If you liked our recipe Chicken Drob with forest sponges, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Meat Appetizers. Drum in pork stomach. Preparation Boil all the ingredients with a pinch of salt and 2 bay leaves and then
  • Walnut trout in the first image, in nature. I mean, I actually picked them up from a tree on the sidewalk in town. I cooked them after about three days, days in which I documented myself with questions from friends, searches on the net and books about them.

Towel Sponge Recipe - Tastes

  • Mushrooms or manatees are edible forest mushrooms and are easily recognizable. They have a thick white leg and a yellow-brown hat. They have a thick white leg and a yellow-brown hat. You should not forget these characteristics if you go mushroom hunting when hiking through mountain forests
  • Several specimens were found, together with a skilled cook, in a forest near Bucharest. If you want to be sure, you can test them with a silver spoon, which is boiled together with the mushrooms. If it turns black, it means they are poisonous. No matter how good we are, the specialists recommend not to go to the forest to pick
  • Mushroom stew is my favorite when it comes to wild mushrooms: mushrooms, ghebe or sponges. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to go mushroom picking with and I'm afraid to eat like that, unadvised. So, I limit myself to the mushrooms on the market
  • Cut the chicken and season it with salt, pepper, paprika paste, garlic and pour white wine over the pieces of meat. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours. (I left overnight). Finely chop the onion and put it in a saucepan with olive oil. When it became glassy

Mushroom stew recipe with polenta. Ingredients mushroom stew with polenta: 750 grams of wild mushrooms (I used breadcrumbs) an onion a bunch of dill a teaspoon of flour 100 ml milk or water 2-3 cloves of garlic (or more depending on taste) 2 -3 tablespoons of spice oil: salt, pepper to taste I dreamed that I was with two more girls in the forest picking sponges. One of them passed by, not seeing him, and I saw him in the distance and picked him up until I filled the bag. Dream Interpretation (0) Add your interpretation / comment. Try to interpret the dream too, your opinion matters so the deer's foot has a deep forest taste, very very tasty. and I only consumed it after doing a google search to make sure it looked like the one I had. I would always eat the deer's leg, I'm even looking for an atlas or a mushroom recognition guide. Indeed, there are many species of mushrooms and sponges.

- 400 gr sponge - a lemon - a teaspoon black peppercorns - 4 tablespoons walnut mayonnaise - a bunch of green dill - salt to taste. PREPARATION: The forest sponges are cleaned, washed, cut into pieces, boiled in slightly salted water, for about five minutes, to remove the spiciness, let it drain, then marinate. Family business with a profit margin of 20%. As a profit margin, the financial data of the company Eco Travio indicates a percentage of 20% for the mushroom business. With the two employees, an annual profit of 13,500 euros is achieved, ie over 1,000 euros profit per month at a turnover of about 67,000 euros per year Plum sponges. Every spring I go to familiar places and pick plum sponges. Basically there are some edible mushrooms that grow in orchards, especially plum. pigeon. Plum sponges have a longer and bare leg. Buy Beech sponge salad 300g Romanian tastes from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back

Sponge food with garlic - Home

Marinated mushrooms for the winter or mushrooms in vinegar, or mushroom salad in vinegar for the winter, this recipe has several names. In short, it's a mixture of mushrooms of all kinds (ghebe, champignons, sponges, yolks, mushrooms) with onions and bell peppers, in sweet-sour-spicy vinegar. If men go out into the woods and pick mushrooms, women pick pickles, which are traditional in the area, or put frozen mushrooms for the winter. Photo gallery. Mushrooms We gather over 40 kilograms, lightly, in autumn. We put them in the freezer, we preserve them

2 kg of beech sponges (or pleurotus) 0.5 l of water. 0.3 apple cider vinegar or cider. 3-4 bay leaves. 10-15 peppercorns. 1/2 dill connection. 3-4 cloves of garlic. 1 tablespoon sea salt. Method of preparation. Wash the mushrooms very well, in more water, because they have a lot of sand. Calm for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Take the pan off the heat and leave to cool. Put the onion and hardened mushrooms in a bowl. Add the bread given through the machine, the breadcrumbs, the egg and the finely chopped parsley. Mix by hand and if necessary add a little breadcrumbs. Sea buckthorn fruits are true natural multivitamins. The concentration of vitamin C in sea buckthorn fruits is 100-300 mg / 100 g, higher than in strawberries, kiwi, oranges, tomatoes and carrots. The content of vitamin E in sea buckthorn is 202.9 mg / 100 g, higher than in saffron, corn and soybeans WOOL PADS groove, 1,2,3 per set, colored sponges 10 per set, bath sponges, dish sponges. teflon, stainless steel sponges, plastic mesh sponges, spiral sponges. given of: SC ALDEBARAN SRL Light Member 11 years

Sponge food with garlic - Color and Flavor

1 kg wild sponges green onion or leek 2 lemons a few peppercorns 75 ml balsamic vinegar 50 gr mustard seeds 400 ml water 1-2 bay leaves salt Preparation instructions. The mushrooms are cleaned, washed, the tails are cut, but the small ones are left whole, then they are boiled in boiling water with salt and lemon juice. Recipes with mushrooms 1004 recipes: Mushrooms with eggs, Quinoa risotto and mushrooms, Super creamy risotto with mushrooms, Chicken with sour cream and mushrooms-Petitchef, Vegetarian risotto with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms, Mushroom ciulama, Potatoes stuffed with mushrooms. Ingredients: raw forest sponges (trout) pepper vinegar thyme garlic parsnip roots, bay leaves Preparation: Buy forest sponges (trout) Scald with water and vinegar, prepare a brine (water 1-2 l, pepper 100 g, salt 1lg to 1 l water, 150 g vinegar, dried thyme, raw garlic) by boiling 1 DE 5-17 cm long, 0.5 - 3.0 cm thick, narrows towards the base in the process of growth, extended like a bulb at the base, fibrous, covered at the base by a cotton-like veil, forming an upper and brown ring at the base. below. Spores 7-9.5 x 5-7 μM, smooth, elliptical, nonamyloid. Habita Pickled sponges Duration: 30 minComplexity: LowIngredients: packaged raw Chinese sponges or forest sponges, pepper, vinegar, thyme, garlic, parsnip roots, bay leaves.Preparation: Buy forest sponges (trout) or Chinese sponges . Scald with water and vinegar. Prepare a brine by boiling for 10 minutes in: water 1-

Sponge salad picked from the forest - About Food

- insert a silver teaspoon into the mushroom dish while it is on the fire and if the teaspoon turns black, the mushrooms are poisonous. - Put green parsley in the mushroom dish and if it turns yellow, the mushrooms are poisonous. - put the mushrooms to boil together with an onion cut in two 300gr forest sponge flour 100cl white wine 2 cloves garlic 1 sprig of rosemary 500 cl water salt pepper, Preparation time: 30 minutes. See also: Soups and fasting soups: 16 delicious recipes for soup and fasting soups Zacusca of mushrooms is boiled slowly, over low heat, stirring very often so as not to stick to the pot. If you can, I recommend boiling it over a wood fire. You will get an extremely tasty and aromatic zacusca. The spices can be omitted, it is important to add salt, pepper and bay leaves

Ghebe in jars for the winter

Yes, in northern Moldova they are called opticians. I prepare them differently and use them as a garnish for steak or other foods instead of pickles. Deci , dupa ce ii spal bn in mai multe ape, ii las 24 de ore cu otet, sare si putin zahar sau miere, timp in care mestec din cand in cand . bZaharul se topeste iar zeama este ca si la reteta de gogosari care se face la fel ,de pe o zi pe alta. asadar , se pun opinticii in borcane cu zeama aia cu tot ( am uitat sa spun ca se pun si cativa catei de usturoi) , se sterilizeaza si se consuma ca atare . Sunt foarte buni!

Ana Nistor , 30 septembrie 2014

in unele zone li se spune opintici. se pot fierbe,la foc mic, 5 kg de ghebe in 1,5 l de ulei,cu o ceapa tocata marunt,o caciulie de usturoi tot tocat marunt,sare si piper dupa gust si o foaie de dafin,pana ramane uleiul curat. buretii vor lasa zeama lor si trebuie sa scada ca uleiul sa ramana limpede. se pun in borcane si se sterilizeaza (20 de minute de cand fierbe apa in cratita). SUNT F.F.BUNE. simple sau cu un orez.

Rocsy Ciobanu , 08 septembrie 2014

Andone Ioana , 07 septembrie 2014

Rocsi (Chef de cuisine) , 15 octombrie 2013

Claudia anul trecut am facut zacusca cu ghebe. A iesit demential de buna!

Blaglosov_Claudia (Bucatar) , 15 octombrie 2013

Ciuperci de padure. delicioasa este zacusca de ghebe dar si cele puse la saramura

Ciuperci cu ciuperci

Ciuperci comestibile din regnul Fungi de tip Ascomycota precum Basidiomycota care au pălărie și picior (a nu se confunda cu ciupercile microscopice, mucegaiurile și cele care produc bolile numite micoze), există în număr mare.Aici sunt enumerate doar câteva exemplare. Și în România sunt cunoscute peste 2.500 de soiuri de ciuperci basidiomicete din care mai mult de 500 sunt. Fac des orez cu ciuperci pentru ca ne place mult. Este o reteta rapida care se prepara in 20 de minute. Am tot timpul o caserola de ciuperci in frigider si imi este foarte usor sa le transform intr-o garnitura gustoasa, alta decat simpla tocanita de ciuperci (reteta aici).Fiica mea este mare amatoare de orez si ma roaga mereu sa i-l prepar sub diverse forme: risotto, pilaf cu carne de porc sau. Această rețetă de salată de mushrooms with maioneză are o istorie amuzantă și nu mă refer la faptul că era una din piesele de rezistență ale meniurilor petrecerilor dansante din perioada când eram foarte tineri. Faine erau chefurile astea și absolut nesofisticate, semănând unul with altul de parcă ar fi fost trase la indigo: ne zbenguiam în șosete, după muzică de Abba, Bee Gees. Separat, se dizolvă făina cu puţină apă rece, apoi se toarnă peste ciuperci. Se mai completează cu apă caldă, se condimentează cu sare şi cu piper, după gust, şi se lasă să fiarbă până începe să se îngroaşe sosul. În momentul servirii, poţi adăuga smântână la ciulama de ciuperci şi se decorează cu pătrunjel verde. Zacuscă de ciuperci - cea mai rapidă, simplă, aromată și ieftină rețetă! Îți spunem rețeta de zacuscă de ciuperci și te învățăm pas cu pas să prepari cea mai gustoasă zacuscă pentru cămara cu bunătăți. Cum să faci zacuscă de ciuperci: Pentru început, coace ardeii, la fel cum procedezi și pentru salata de ardei.

O reteta clasica, ciulamaua de pui cu ciuperci, puteti s-o faceti doar cu ciuperci, va fi la fel de gustoasa. Copiilor le-a placut foarte mult mai ales combinata cu mamaliga, deci un bun indicator ca reteta este buna. Sosul e cremos si toate ingredientele se pupa foarte bine. Daca vreti sa faceti reteta de ciulama puteti folosi smantana simpla, fermentata(asa am facut reteta de mai jos), dar. Va propun azi o reteta de mancare rapida si cu adevarat savuroasa, un escalop de porc cu ciuperci:. Ingrediente Escalop de porc cu ciuperci: (pt. 4-6 persoane) 600-800 de grame de cotlet de porc, dezosat si degresat feliat in 8 felii

80-100 gr./buc Re: Ciuperci umplute cu branza. When I was little I hated mushrooms, I just wanted to throw up the smell, but this year I gave up meat and mushrooms are a source of protein. Asa ca azi incerc prima data sa mananc ciuperci si o sa incep cu reteta ta.. chiar acum :-

Mâncarea de ciuperci cu pui este gata și se poate servi fie cu pâine, fie cu garnitură de orez basmati, ca orice altă tocăniță la care vrem un plus de savoare. Good appetite! Vezi mai mult. Brandon Vee Johnson a cântat 30 de ani cu trupa Boney M! Ce verdict a primit la Chefi la cuțit Retete cu ciuperci. Tocanita de ciuperci cu carne de pui Tocanita de ciuperci cu carne de pui. Felul principal. 4 porții. 15 min. 25 min. In putin ulei de masline am calit ceapa pana a devenit translucida.Cu ceapa am calit si cubuletele de pui.Morcovul taiat cubulete mici l-am calit cu ceapa si puiul apoi am adaugat ciupercile.Ciupercile.

Ingrediente pentru sote de ciuperci cu usturoi . 500 g ciuperci champignon 3 linguri ulei de măsline ½ linguriţă oregano uscat 4 căţei de usturoi 1 praf de chili pudră 1 lingură zeamă de lămâie 3 linguri coniac 1 lingură pătrunjel verde tocat fin sare. Mod de preparare pentru sote de ciuperci cu usturo Ciuperci otrăvitoare sunt denumite toate tipurile de ciuperci din Regnum Fungi de tip Ascomycota precum Basidiomycota (care au pălărie și picior), a nu se confunda cu ciupercile microscopice mucegaiurile și cele care produc bolile numite micoze.Există peste 200 de specii care sunt sigur toxice, dar numai puține provoacă intoxicații mortale. Aici sunt enumerate doar câteva s Ciuperci cu usturoi la cuptor - Ingrediente. 16 ciuperci potrivite, cu picioruşele tăiate la acelaşi nivel 3 linguri de ulei 60 g unt miale 3 căţei de usturoi, tocaţi foarte fin 2 linguri de ciumbru proaspăt, tocat 1-2 linguri de zeamă de lămâie sare, după gust piper negru măcinat, după gust 60 g pesme Se gatesc pe foc iute 2 min., dupa care se sparg ouale si se asaza peste ciuperci Se reduce putin intensitatea focului si se gatesc ouale (3-4 min.), pana la consistenta dorita. Se presara patrunjel verde tocat si se serveste. Daca va place reteta mea,Ciuperci la tigaie cu oua si patrunjel , nu ezitati sa-mi lasati un comentariu pe blog 250-300g ciuperci la cutie (scurse bine de apa sau ciuperci proaspete, fierte 10 minute in apa cu sare.) 150g maioneza de casa sau cumparata ( poate fi si light) 1-2 catei de usturoi 1/2 legatura patrunjel tocat sau marar -optional Sare Piper Mod de preparare: Ciupercile taiate feliute si scurse bine de zeama se amesteca usor cu maioneza

Ciupercile Pleurotus sunt niste ciuperci comestibile, foarte gustoase si au forma de stridie, de unde si numele de oyster mushrooms in engleza. Textura lor carnoasa le transforma intr-un ingredient esential pentru retetele de post sau pentru dieta vegana.In cazul in care nu ati experimentat pana acum cu acest tip de ciuperci, nu aveti idee ce pierdeti Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables. Dupa ce au fost curatate si spalate, ciupercilor li se inlatura coditele. Ceapa se taie marunt si. 12 voturi 4 comentarii. 1h 30 min. Aperitive Recomandari pentru tine si casa ta. Waffle Maker Duraceramic - 14 %. 349.99 lei. 299.99 lei. Vezi detali Pui cu ciuperci, la cuptor, reteta rapida, reteta video.Daca se face cu piept de pui, este gata in 30 de minute. Pieptul de pui e fraged si suculent, iar in combinatie cu ciupercile e ceva de vis Incearca si Ciuperci cu smantana si mamaliguta, in varianta Ia Si Papa. Ingrediente Ciuperci cu smantana si mamaliguta. 400 ml smantana. 2 linguri rase faina de grau. 5-7 catei usturoi. 1 kg ciuperci taiate feliute. 2 cepe tocate marunt. 50 ml ulei. 50 g unt. jumatate lingurita sare. pepper to taste

Dragii mei, va propun sa incercati reteta mea de pui cu ciuperci si smantana, o reteta extrem de gustoasa care se face foarte usor si va face deliciul intregii familii.Stiu ca tuturor ne place carnea de pui si ca aceasta este cea mai consumata carne din lume pentru ca este mai usoara decat carnea pe porc si se gateste mai repede decat carnea de vita si stiu ca mereu ne gandim ce sa mai. Se toarna apa, se pune capac si se lasa 15 minute pe foc. Se servesc cu patrunjel proaspat, taiat marunt, si cu mamaliga. S-ar putea sa-ti placa si: Ficatei picanti cu ceapa. Tigaie de ficatei. Ficatei cu ciuperci umplut Dragii mei, pentru ca in reteta trecuta am facut supa baza de pui am vrut sa va arat si un preparat in care puteti folosi aceasta supa minunata. Asa ca am ales un pilaf de orez cu ciuperci, o mancare usor de preparat si foarte gustoasa.In acest pilaf, supa de baza isi face treaba la perfectie si ofera mancarii un gust extraordinar. Chiar nu am mai mancat de ceva timp un pilaf de orez atat de bun . Pentru tocanita aceasta fac o exceptie: pot sa o mananc 2 zile la rand cu aceeasi pofta INGREDIENTE: (pentru 2 portii generoase) 700 g ciuperci champignon 2 cepe medii 200 ml smantana pentru gatit 1 lingura faina 2 catei de usturoi 4 linguri ulei 25 g unt sare.

Ciuperci cu smantana si usturoi reteta simpla Savori Urban

Chiftele de post cu ciuperci. A goodness of meatballs, great both hot and cold. Ador chiftelele in orice combinatie dar in post chiftelele de ciuperci sunt un deliciu. Cu garnitura de orez si salata sau pur si simplu pe un platou cu aperitive de post vor avea succes in fata familiei sau a invitatilor . Tocanita de ciuperci cu mamaliguta este genul de reteta simpla si gustoasa, rapida si care se poate manca rece sau calda. E un amestec de ciuperci, ceapa, ardei gras, morcov si condimente, care face ca aceasta mancare sa fie un adevarat regal gastronomic Cum preparam reteta de vinete umplute cu ciuperci? 1. Vinetele se spala, se sterg si se taie pe lung, in 2. Se scobeste partial miezul, cu o lingura. 2. Se presara vinetele pe interior cu putina sare si se asaza pe un servet, cu scobitura in jos, sa se scurga zeama amara. 3

Incercam ciupercile, iar in cazul in care consideram ca sunt fierte suficient, vom ingrosa ciulama de ciuperci cu o lingura de faina. Nu punem faina direct in ciulama, ci o dizolvam in prealabil in cateva linguri din zeama lasata de ciuperci in timpul calirii (inainte de a o pune in ciulama, trebuie sa amestecam faina pana ce vor disparea toate cocoloasele formate) 2. Caleste ceapa cu usturoiul in 2 linguri de ulei, apoi adauga ciupercile si intoarce-le constant pana ce isi schimba culoarea. 3. Odata ce se schimba complet la culoare, da ciupercile deoparte. 4. Topeste untul si incorporeaza faina, apoi dilueaza continutul cu laptele. Potriveste de sare si piper, apoi adu sosul de ciulama peste ciuperci. 5 Reteta de Ciuperci cu maioneza si usturoi am degustat-o prima data la cumnata mea, Emi. I have to admit: I thought it was eggplant salad! Probabil acesta este si motivul pentru care Luca mananca asa cu pofta: ii plac vinetele foarte mult

Paste cremoase cu ciuperci - rețetă simplă și cremoas

  1. Mod de preparare tocanita de ciuperci cu carne de porc: Am taiat carnea de porc cubulete maricele pe care le-am pus la prajit intr-o tigaie antiaderenta unsa cu putin ulei. Am lasat-o sa se rumeneasca pe ambele parti, am presarat-o cu putina sare si am lasat-o deoparte pentru moment
  2. Continuăm lista de rețete delicioase cu ciuperci cu un preparat ușor de realizat, ce necesită puține ingrediente. Vinul alb va pune în evidență aroma inconfundabilă a ciupercilor. Ingredient. 1 lingură de sare (25 g) 2 căni de ciuperci (200 g) 1 ceașcă de vin alb (110 ml) 2 căței de usturoi tocați mărun
  3. Retete ciuperci Champignon. Invata noi retete cu ciuperci Champignon si fii sigura ca vei avea mereu la indemana o noua idee pentru a gati o masa cum nu se poate mai buna.Vezi ce mancaruri satioase poti prepara cu ciuperi Champignon, folosind retetele culinare Qbebe
  4. Tocanita de pui cu ciuperci este prea buna sa te opresti la o portie mica, ca o farfurie intr-un restaurant de 5 stele, cu o fasie de carne, cateva ciupercute si sos pe langa ele. Platesti mult si te ridici flamand de la masa. Tocanita de pui cu ciuperci este pentru oameni pofticiosi, care apreciaza mancarea buna

Aceasta reteta de pilaf cu ciuperci este una dintre retetele mele preferate. The simpler it is, the tastier it is. I usually eat pilaf of mushrooms with a healthy portion of freshly chopped parsley. Reteta pe care o folosesc eu pentru pilaful cu ciuperci este foarte usoara si nu necesita mult efort Cutia cu ciuperci are 400 gr, nu sunt in ulei, eu folosesc de regula ciuperci Sun Food sau Bonduelle, dar pteti folosi orice alte tipuri, chiar si ciuperci proaspete. Delete. Answers. Answer. Anonim 25 noiembrie, 2014 19:33

Ciuperci De Post - Cum Gătești Ciuperci Atunci Când ții

Somon cu brocoli, sos de ciuperci si paste cu hrisca. Pestele spalat, uscat, condimentat cu sare si piper, se pune in vasul termorezistent, impreuna cu. 0 votes 0 comments. 50 min. Paste si pizza Orez cu legume, ciuperci si brocoli. Se toaca legumele dupa preferinta, se calesc pe rand ceapa, morcovul, ardeiul si apoi orezul dupa. Ciuperci cu maioneza si usturoi, un aperitiv gustos, si atat de usor de facut! Se poate servi la orice masa a zilei, cu paine prajita sau pe felii de ardei Ciorba de ciuperci champignon, reteta cu usturoi si otet. Method of preparation. Otetul si usturoiul i-au dat un gust asemanator cu cel al ciorbei de burta, asa ca am mancat cu pofta o farfurie destul de plina. Mi-a placut foarte foarte mul 2 kg de ciuperci 1 kg de ceapă 1 kg de gogoşari sau capia o cana de ulei 4 căţei de usturoi 1-2 căni de suc de roşii boabe de piper şi de enibahar - câteva sare după gust Mai întâi ne ocupăm de ciuperci: le spălăm cu multă apă, dar nu le curăţăm de pielea de deasupra. Le punem la fiert circa 20 de minute, le scurgem ş Imunitate cu 7 ciuperci este un produs Fares foarte bun pentru cresterea imunitatii!pe mama mea o ajuta foarte mult. Petracci Ivona. Pare un produs excelent, demn de incercat! Imi plac si am incredere in produsele Fares. Iuliana Avramoiu

Ciuperci umplute. 5 rețete de ciuperci umplute gustoase - Ciupercile pot înlocui cu succes carnea din alimentaţie. Ele conţin puţine calorii, dar o mare varietate de vitamine şi minerale: seleniu, cupru, vitamine B2 şi B3, vitamina D. Aflaţi care sunt beneficiile consumului de ciuperci 4 pași pentru a prepara piept de pui cu ciuperci: 1. Carnea de pui se asezonează cu sare grunjoasă și piper negru proaspăt măcinat. Într-o tigaie mare se încinge o lingură de ulei, la foc mare. Se adaugă carnea de pui și se gătește până când se rumenește, între 2 și 3 minute, pe fiecare parte Pentru ciuperci cu smantana si marar se aleg ciuperci, de preferinta mici, in orice caz foarte proaspete, albe si cu carnea tare. Se curata, se rup picioarele, iar ciupercile mari se taie in patru sau in mai multe bucati, dupa marmie Serveste aceste ciuperci umplute cu cascaval, facute la cuptor, alaturi de o salata verde dreasa cu zeama de lamaie si ulei de masline. Good appetite! Ciupercile umplute cu cascaval, la cuptor, sunt usor de preparat si au un gust deosebit, asa ca trebuie sa le incerci si tu! Vezi aici si o reteta delicioasa de salata de ciuperci! Sursa. Pastele cu ciuperci de post se servesc calde. It is good to know that a 100 g serving of pasta with mushrooms contains 141.6 calories, of which 6 g fat, 9 g carbohydrates, 6 g protein. Prin urmare, daca iubesti pastele, iti poti satisface pofta indiferent ca este sau nu post

Ciuperci comestibile - Wikipedi

Pizza cu ciuperci si cascaval este delicioasa si se pregateste foarte rapid. Mai intai faceti blatul. Intr-un castron se pune tot laptele, apa si drojdia maruntita. Laptele si apa sa fie caldute. Laptele cu apa si drojdie se amesteca si se lasa 15-20 de min, nu o sa creasca, nu intrati in panica Preparare Frittata cu Ciuperci: Curatam ceapa, usturoiul si taiem gogosarul in doua scoatem semintele din el. Ciupercile le curatam, spalam si feliem. Ceapa se taie marunt la fel si usturoiul. Gogosarul se taie pe jumatate si se taie felii subtiri. Punem intr-o tigaie untul la topit impreuna cu 1 lingura de ulei Couscous cu ciuperci Elena Butuc. Couscous-ul este un tip de paste, dar de marime foarte mica, facute de obicei din grau dur, sau grau dur integral (foarte bune in regimuri de slabire si nu numai). Am postat si Cum fierbem couscous pentru ca se poate folosi in mai multe mancaruri sau simplu ca si garnitura Ciuperci umplute cu branza, la cuptor. GOOD APPETITE! SFATURI . Ciupercile trebuiesc bine spalate si date imediat cu zeama de lamaie, pentru a nu se innegri la copt. Daca in palaria ciupercilor se aduna suc, il stergem cu un servet absorbant din hartie

Orez cu ciuperci reteta simpla si gustoasa Savori Urban

Ciuperci cu usturoi la tigaie Ciuperci cu usturoi la tigaie. Trimite pe mail. 8 iulie 2014 Comentarii: 0 Vizualizări: 97511 Ingrediente. ciuperci ulei usturoi sare piper Mod de preparare. citeşte reţeta salvează reţeta . Ciupercile se taie în 2 sau în 4, în funcţie de dimensiunea lor.. De fapt oricand o mancare cu ciuperci este bine-venita. Si nu numai cu pleurotus, ci cu orice alt tip de ciuperci va plac. Caci de fapt asta e cel mai important, sa va placa! INGREDIENTE PLEUROTUS CU SOS DE SMANTANA SI VIN. 500 g de ciuperci pleurotus. 5 fire de ceapa verde, curatata si spalata

Salată de ciuperci cu maioneză și usturoi - rețetă simplă

Am curățat 7-800 de grame de ciuperci champignons. În sensul că le-am frecat ușor cu o cârpă uscată și cu un burete de vase, nefolosit. Am tăiat ciupercile. O parte în lamle, o parte în sferturi. În vreme ce lamelele se înmoaie și par că se dizolvă în sos, sferturile mă ajută să văd că-i un sos făcut din ciperci Mini quiche cu ciuperci si prosciutto cotto, un aperitiv delicios pentru meniul de Pasti. Mini quiche cu ciuperci sunt nu doar foarte gustoase ci si foarte frumoase. Daca punem la socoteala si faptul ca se fac foarte rapid, chiar ca merita incercate

Ciulama de ciuperci

Pentru ca suntem in postul Craciunului am pregatit o tocanita delicioasa de ciuperci cu rosii si usturoi si o mamaliguta aburinda si ne-am ospatat cum se cuvine! Iubesc ciupercile in orice forma ar fi ele si daca mai adaug in combinatie o conserva de rosii si ceva usturoi deja totul e cum nu se poate mai bine Placinta de post cu ciuperci se coace la 180-190 grade, pana cand se rumeneste frumos. Se lasa la racit in tava,dupa care se portioneaza cu ajutorul unui cutit foarte bine ascutit. Placinta de post cu ciuperci se serveste calda, ca fel principal, ori rece, pe post de aperitiv

Zacuscă de ciuperci - cea mai bună rețetă de zacusc

#mamaliga #farfuriavesela #depost ♨ Unde ma gasiti ♨ Ciuperci cu maioneză şi piept de pui. Trimite pe mail. 17 ianuarie 2011 Comentarii: 10 Vizualizări: 276883 Ingrediente. 1 piept de pui 2 cutii ciuperci din conservă (sau 500 g ciuperci proaspete) Maioneză 1-2 gălbenuşuri de ou foarte bine fierte şi răcite.

Ciulama de pui cu ciuperci - LaLena

Ciuperci brune la cuptor cu usturoi, un preparat simplu, elegant, un deliciu pentru iubitorii de ciuperci si nu numai!. Ingrediente: 500 g ciuperci brune potrivite 3 linguri de ulei 30-40 g unt moale 3 catei de usturoi tocati 1 lingurita de ciumbru uscat 1-2 linguri de zeama de lamai In plus, am facut acest piept de pui cu ciuperci cu un sos alb care o sa va faca sa va lingeti pe degete. Dar pentru a-l face atat de delicos, va trebui sa stiti cateva trucuri cum ar fi ce fel de ciuperci sa folositi, cum sa le alegeti sau ce ingrediente puteti inlocui in aceasta reteta de pui cu ciuperci si sos de smantana Acoperim tigaia cu un capac si lasam tocanita de ciuperci cu pui sa fiarba inabusit la foc mediu aproximativ 15-20 minute, timp in care zeama lasata in special de ciuperci va scadea drastic. Atunci este timpul sa condimentam tocanita cu o lingurita de cimbru (eventual si cu putina boia iute sau dulce) si sa punem conserva de rosii in suc propriu Preparare ciuperci sote: 1. Ştergem ciupercile cu un prosop uscat sau ne rezervăm o periuţă de dinţi pentru acest lucru. Cu o periuţă de dinţi se curăţă foarte uşor şi bine ciupercile. Dacă sunt mai murdare putem folosi un prosop umed dar este preferabil să cumpărăm ciuperci cât mai curate Miel cu ciuperci si smantana 5. Friptura de miel de miel cu sos de usturoi 16. Meniu de Paste 17 soia 4. Placinta cu soia si ciuperci 5. Lasagna vegetariana cu tofu si spanac 6. Salata de ciuperci marinate 7. Ardei umpluti cu orez si soia soia 9. Salata de tofu cu maioneza 10. Salata de tofu cu . Salata speciala de patrunjel 14.

Escalop de porc cu ciuperci Laura Laurenți

Broccoli cu ciuperci este o mancare sanatoasa, plina de vitamine, care se prepara si foarte rapid. Broccoli cu ciuperci il puteti servi cu orez fiert, friptura sau carne preparata la gratar Salata de ciuperci cu maioneza si muraturi este o reteta de aperitiv, simpla, rapida si usor de facut.Este gata in zece minute daca ne miscam repede si daca avem maioneza deja facuta. Practic avem doar de taiat castravetii, ciupercutele si gogosarii cat mai marunt

În cazul intoxicaţiilor with mushrooms, dacă primul ajutor este prompt şi bine condus, chiar cei intoxicaţi with speciile cele mai periculoase pot fi salvaţi. Vomitivele, purgativele, calmantele, precum şi apa rece sărată, ceaiul, cafeaua, laptele cald sunt intervenţii rapide şi eficiente, însă în cazul intoxicaţiei with specii periculoase trebuie chemat imediat medicul Sos alb cu ciuperci. Ingredient. 500 gr Ciuperci champinion. 500 gr Smantana. cu grasime de 20 %. 300 ml Apa. fiarta. 1 buc Ceapa. mare, sau 2 mai mici. 2 linguri Faina. 4-5 linguri Ulei de masline. sau de floarea soarelui. 1 lingurita Sare. dupa gust. 0,25 lingurita Piper negru macinat. dupa gust. 1 buc Frunze de dafin. optional. 1 legatura. Acest sos de ceapa cu ciuperci se serveste cu piure de cartofi, mamaliga, taitei sau spaghete. Este extrem de gustos, iar verdeturile (patrunjel si cimbru) ii dau o aroma placuta. Sa nu uitam de vinul alb sec, care va improspata aroma si mai mult! Good appetite! Ingrediente: 60 g ciuperci uscate sau 1/2 kg din cele proaspete apa fiarta

Mushroom stew

M-a apucat pofta de tocanita de ciuperci si, in ciuda caldurii de afara, nu m-am lasat pana cand nu am avut in fata o portie de tocanita de ciuperci cu mamaliguta. Noroc ca se face usor si ca nu necesita sa stea prea mult timp pe flacara aragazului :). Plus ca, avand doar legume si putin ulei, aceasta tocanita de post se poate consuma si rece sau la temperatura camerei. Si mai are si putine calorii. Suficiente motive, deci, pentru a o pregati pentru masa de seara. Evident ca, daca doriti, puteti servi tocanita pe post de garnitura, langa o friptura la gratar.

Cat priveste ingredientele, iese o bunatate de tocanita daca aveti la indemana ciuperci de padure (ghebe, bureti, hribi). Eu nu am avut si am pus niste “banale” champignon de Paris.

Si tot din seria “mancaruri de vara cu multe legume”, va propun sa incercati Tocanita picanta de vinete cu menta.

Ingredients (for 6 servings):
– ciuperci 1 kg
– usturoi 6 catei (20 g)
– ceapa 2 buc. (200 g)
– ardei gras 1 buc. (135 g)
– suc de rosii 300 g
– vin rosu sec 100 ml
– cimbru uscat 1/2 lingura
– dafin 2 foi
– patrunjel proaspat 1 legatura potrivita
– ulei 2 linguri
& # 8211 salt, pepper

Curatati si spalati ciupercile, taiati-le in jumatate daca sunt prea mari. Incingeti uleiul intr-o cratita si caliti un pic ceapa (feliute). Adaugati usturoiul trecut prin presa, ardeiul (bucatele) si, apoi, ciupercile. Acoperiti cratita cu un capac si lasati cateva minute, cat sa-si lase ciupercile din apa. Dati focul mai mare si turnati vinul. Lasati unul-doua minute, sa se evapore alcoolul, apoi puneti sosul de rosii, dafinul, cimbrul si un pic de piper proaspat rasnit. Amestecati si lasati sa fiarba, pe foc mediu, cateva minute, pana cand se patrund ciupercile. La final, potriviti de sare si puneti patrunjelul maruntit.

Serviti tocanita de ciuperci calda sau rece, de preferat cu un pic de mamaliguta alaturi (vezi reteta de Mamaliguta pripita).

Video: Καλαμαράκια Κοκκινιστά με Λιγκουίνι. Σπιτομαγειρέματα


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