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It' A Bridal Fiesta for Kristen Dunst and Pals in Mexico

It' A Bridal Fiesta for Kristen Dunst and Pals in Mexico

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The 'On the Road' actress hosted a bachelorette party for her best friend, Molly

Kirsten Dunst can now add hostess and planner to her resume.

The actress and a few girlfriends, including bride-to-be best friend, Molly, headed to Mexico for a few days of fun and sun to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, PEOPLE reported.

After checking in at the St. Regis Punta Mita, the ladies, decked in sombreros sipped on margaritas to kick off the occasion right.

Staying in the Presidential Suite, the group continued on with a champagne ritual of toasting to the bride. The following day, after morning yoga, the girls relaxed by the pool before Dunst's scheduled sunset bbq for the party.

For the grand finale, the ladies finished their trip with a spa day and headed out for a night on the town at local hotspot, Si Senor.

Not too shabby, Kirsten. Not too shabby at all.

Looking to throw your girlfriend a Mexican-themed shower? Head to our Cinco de Mayo board on Pinterest for a little inspiration!

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