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Lasagna with tuna and sardines

Lasagna with tuna and sardines

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- If we don't have ready-made bechamel sauce we can make 50 gr of flour mixed with 50 grams of butter on the fire and add 500 ml of milk. (to get 500 ml sauce). Add salt, white pepper and grate a little nutmeg. Let's put it aside.

- Finely chop the onion and cook it with olive oil. Meanwhile, put in the blender the two well-ripened tomatoes with fresh basil leaves and mix them until they become a thick sauce. When the onion has hardened, add the chopped canned tuna and add the canned oil. Heat a little and pour the sauce from the tomatoes. We also add the tomato paste stretched with a little warm water. Slightly thicken the sauce, adding salt, white pepper and dried oregano. Let's put it aside.

- We are preparing a vessel with high walls, heat resistant. On the bottom of the bowl we put a generous layer of bechamel and arrange over a layer of lasagna sheets. I had green leaves with basil, but you can also use simple ones. Then grease the sheets with a little more bechamel sauce and pour in the tuna sauce generously. In the sardine box I had 3 small pieces and on each layer of sauce I crushed one sardine. Place a layer of lasagna over the tuna sauce, taking care to cover the entire surface. Then grease with bechamel again, add tuna sauce, sardines and leaves again. At the end we pour the remaining bechamel sauce (to be a thicker layer) and grate Parmesan (generously)

- Put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. When it turns brown on top, turn it off and leave it in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Lasagna - 5 recipes

Lasagna or lasagna recipes, one of the oldest pasta specialties, which has its origins in Italy, the Emilia-Romagna region. The term "lasagna" is very often used to refer to a dish prepared from several layers of lasagna sheets, filled with various ingredients and sauces.

Traditionally, lasagna dough was prepared in southern Italy with semolina and water, and in the southern regions, where semolina was out of reach, with eggs and flour. Today in Italy, commercial lasagna is made from semolina from durum wheat flour because it is the only type of flour allowed for commercially sold pasta.


Very tasty! And my mother used to make fish paste.

And healthy! The combination of cow's cheese, sardines and lemon seems interesting to me! If you don't taste it, you wouldn't believe it! It can also be made with tuna!

I would also serve a sandwich, I really like what that pasta looks like.
Kiss you!

You can replace the oil with butter and let it cool down a bit. Then it will be stiffer when you decorate (especially at festive meals). I preferred the light version!

It is definitely delicious and it is also healthy! Bravo!

Decomposed lasagna

Lately I have developed a passion to recreate classic recipes, as it comes to my mind. Rehearsal is the mother of learning, but I believe that if you put at least a little originality, if you experiment, you learn more. There are many established chefs who have been accused of defying traditional cuisine, but sooner or later, they have come a long way.

This week I chose to make a classic recipe, like a book, but still different. A decomposed lasagna. I chose to make chicken, because I eat more chicken than pork, and the rest is similar.

I started by making & # 8222 sheets & # 8221, which are actually crispy pasta chips. I wanted to put the preparation a little more in contrast & # 8222creamy-crunchy & # 8221. For this crust I took some pasta at random, which I had around the house, and boiled them for 3-4 minutes longer than it should have.

Then, using the vertical blender, I made a fine puree.

I seasoned the puree with hot paprika, ground thyme and a little cardamom, then incorporated well.

Between two baking sheets, I put a little puree with a spoon and spread with a rolling pin until I got a thin sheet.

I cut the sheet into smaller pieces and fried them in an oil bath over high heat for 1 minute, until they became crispy.

Next, I started to make a thick bolognese sauce, for which I used a red capsicum pepper, an onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste, salt, pepper and thyme. I hardened the vegetables, after 5 minutes I added the diced chicken breast.

Then I added the tomato paste, turned the heat to low and let it cook for 8-10 minutes, until the chicken is cooked. At the end I added the spices.

For the bechamel sauce I melted 50 grams of butter, over which I put a spoonful of flour and mixed vigorously with the whisk. Then I gradually added a cup of milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg. I cooked over low heat until it thickened a little.

I assembled my lasagna & # 8222disassembled & # 8221 starting with bechamel sauce, over which I put a ball of bolognese sauce, using ice cream tongs, spicy pasta crust and sprinkled Parmesan.

Lasagna with tuna and sardines - Recipes

- 12 slices of wholemeal or homemade bread
- 400 ml homemade tomato sauce - recipe here (already has onions and garlic and spices)
- 1 can of tuna in its own juice (160 g)
- 1 can of sardines in oil
- 125 g of mozzarella
- 1 shallot onion
- High salt, pepper

Method of preparation:
The tomato sauce should not be too liquid, put it on the fire and reduce it a little if necessary.
Place the slices of bread on a baking sheet covered with baking paper or silicone foil.

Bruschetta with tuna: 7 slices

Add 4 tablespoons of tomato sauce and mix. Add salt and pepper.

Place the mixture obtained on the slices of bread.
On top we put slices of mozzarella and a cherry tomato in the middle.

Cut the sardines in half and remove the bones.
Check the remaining tomato sauce with salt and pepper. We add if necessary.

Put the tomato sauce over the slices of bread.
Divide the sardine halves, place the mozzarella slices, put a cherry tomato in the middle.

Is ready . put everything in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 & # 176 C

Salad with sardines and olives

the heat. They usually make them quite nutritious, meaning they always contain meat or cheese.

This time I used fish, more precisely sardines in my own sauce. And of course I put onions.

If we remove the olives, the salad can be eaten in Dukan diet.

lettuce (I used 2 handfuls of valerian)

1/2 onion (or 2 sprigs of green onion)

salt, pepper, oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli flakes (optional)

I used canned sardines in prorium juice from Sun Food.

You can find them keep 100% healthy, and it's the only place I have

found sardines in their own juice. Dukanei, be careful! & # 128578

How come:

Wash the salad, chop the onion scales, cut the cucumbers into slices, cut the sardines into pieces and mix

everything in a bowl. Add the olives, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, chilli flakes.

Mix well and serve, preferably with black bread or Dukan bread (if you are on a diet).

TON or SARDINE tart - simple, fluffy

Tuna tart is very similar to meatball and greens, only it is made with fish. If you don't like tuna, you can use sardines or other boiled fish. One of the advantages of this recipe is that it is very easy and quick to prepare.

• 3 canned tuna or sardines
• 4 eggs
• 200 ml of milk
• 1 onion
• 75 g of starch (or flour)
• 1 sachet of baking powder
• 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
• parsley
• salt, pepper to taste

As I said, the preparation is very simple. Basically, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients in a bowl. If you use tuna, choose canned tuna pieces (not shredded) in your own juice. It is more advantageous and easier to use. The shredded tuna should be drained of oil.

Prepare a round, square, or rectangular baking tray. Or you can use 2 cake trays or a cake pan. Grease the pan with oil, then place a baking sheet. Turn on the oven and let it heat up well.

Put the fish in the bowl and pass it with a fork (not complete). Beat the eggs before adding them, then add the finely chopped onion. Add the milk, starch, and baking powder, quenched with lemon juice (or vinegar).

Add the finely chopped greens, salt and pepper. You can also add fish spice if you have it at home. Mix the composition well until completely homogenous.

Pour the tart composition into the pan, level and place in the hot oven. Leave the tart for about 30-40 minutes, until it rises a little and browns slightly on top. Cut after cooling, squares.

It comes out very fluffy, slightly damp on the inside and very tasty. For fish lovers, this is an extremely practical and tasty recipe, which can be prepared even when we have guests.

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