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Pear muffins, mottled with philadelphia cream

Pear muffins, mottled with philadelphia cream

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Mix eggs with milk, oil, sugar until the sugar melts and then add the remaining dry ingredients, flour mixed with baking powder. and a pinch of salt. At the end I added 4 quarters of pears from the compote to give them a different aroma and essence of cherries. The dough thus obtained is placed in muffin papers and obviously in the baking tray.

I also made a word for them to be sweeter… 200 gr philadelphia cream cheese with 200 gr butter and 1-2 tablespoons of powdered sugar, mixed well with the blender, because I wanted to give the cream and color I added a little gel dye (I still use it for fondant) but you can also use beet juice if you want it to be more natural.

The cream thus obtained, I put it in a silicone powder and then I decorated the muffins after they cooled well. Very easy to make and with some imagination you can create and decorate them in a multitude of ways.

Great appetite!

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