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The 7 Strangest Spirits You Can Buy

The 7 Strangest Spirits You Can Buy

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There's no shortage of wacky liquors to buy

We’ve sipped tequila in a Mexican agave field, drank cocktails inside the Arctic Circle, and sampled Scotch straight from a cask. Suffice it to say we’re pretty advanced drinkers, so it takes a truly... um... interesting spirit to take us by surprise.

But we have to admit that we were very intrigued by these seven extremely unusual bottlings. So much so, we needed to know more about them and taste them.

Without further ado, here’s our list of seven genuinely odd spirits. Best of all? They’re all available in the U.S. Bottoms up if you dare!

The Bay Seasoned Vodka
The secret to many fine Bloody Marys is a bit of Old Bay Seasoning. (It’s also a key element in Maryland’s signature steamed crabs.) Now you can save a step by using The Bay Seasoned Vodka in your Mary, which is flavored with non-copyright-infringing "traditional Chesapeake Bay seasoning." It’s unlike any vodka we’ve ever tasted, with a heavy consistency and plenty of spice.

Vermont White Vodka
Sure, there are all kinds of funky vodkas (check out our slideshow of 17 of the craziest ones), but Vermont White is so unique, it’s practically in a separate category. The alcohol is made from pure milk sugar (aka lactose) in small batches. The real kicker? The final product is lactose-free.

Click here to find more strange spirits finds.

This story was originally published at The 7 Strangest Spirits You Can Buy. For more stories like this join and drink better. Plus, for a limited time get How to Cocktail in 2013, a cocktail recipe book — free! Join now.

Cool Whiskey Shots To Try Making

One of the best reasons to include a bottle of whiskey in your liquor cabinet is the spirit’s incredible versatility. Whiskey can be enjoyed straight, on ice, or as a part of many different cocktails and whiskey shots.

Whatever your flavor preferences, you can find a whiskey-based drink that you will enjoy, from super sweet bourbon whiskey shots through to sour whiskey cocktails. In this post, I’m going to share the coolest whiskey shots to have a go at making and trying out.

Here are the shot recipes:

Green Tea Gin

Tea is another option for infusions and the times required are often just a couple of hours. Try it out with this green tea-infused gin.

Once your gin is ready, mix it into the impressive gunpowder gimlet cocktail. The recipe is a fun, new take on a classic gimlet, pairing your infusion with a pistachio-honey syrup (also homemade) and chamomile bitters.

Top 10 strangest liquor (and beer) flavors

We at SheKnows are quite fond of our libations. From Easter candy martinis to boozy milkshakes, we love trying new and delicious cocktail creations.

However, we have to draw the line somewhere and that line might be smoked salmon vodka or, gag, pickle-flavored vodka. These weird, flavored vodkas, along with eight others, make our list of the 10 strangest liquor and beer flavors.

Although some of these sound downright gag-worthy (need we say pickle-flavored vodka, again?), some sound pretty tasty, like peanut butter and jelly or cake! Check out these strange liquors and tell us what you think. Gross or good?

Bubble gum vodka

Although it’s still a little strange, this vodka flavor was a long time coming. Made from the people who also make cherry vodka (Three Olives), this vodka tastes just like a big piece of Double Bubble. If you find yourself feeling a little nostalgic for the days of your bubble gum chewing youth, try out a bubble martini. The taste is light and refreshing, so it’s the perfect cocktail for summer. Just don’t try to blow a bubble with it it won’t end well.

Peanut butterand jelly vodka

Whomever came up with this idea is a bit of a genius. Who doesn’t love a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Turn your favorite childhood lunchbox sandwich into a happy hour libation with this deliciously strange vodka created by Van Gogh. Since you can’t very well serve vodka between two pieces of bread, try mixing it with milk for an updated white Russian!

Cake vodka

This sounds too good to be true! Cake, in drink form? Could it be? The makers of Pinnacle vodka, who first coined the whipped cream flavored vodka, turned your favorite dessert into something you can drink. For your next adult birthday party, skip the actual cake and serve up birthday cake martinis instead. Just don’t light a candle near your drink if you want to keep your eyebrows.

Cotton candy vodka

Cotton candy is another whimsical, strange and innovative flavor to come out of Pinnacle. Unlike the light as air, fluffy cotton candy you buy for your family at the local fair or theme park, this cotton candy isn’t meant for kids. Pair this super sweet flavored vodka with some club soda for a cotton candy club or, if you’re feeling really brave (or had an exceptionally bad week) with tequila for a strange, interesting margarita.


Yep, you read that read, there’s a liquor that tastes like yogurt. However, sadly for U.S. residents, Yoguritio is really only sold in Japan. This tangy and creamy liqueur is made in Holland and is a hit among Japan’s health-conscious population. Mix with some pineapple or cherry juice and it’s like you’re eating a fruit on the bottom yogurt cup. However, don’t be fooled. Just because it tastes like yogurt doesn’t mean it’s yogurt, so don’t go switching out your morning Chobani for liqueur. Unless you’re on vacation, then in that case, all bets are off.

Hemp seed spirits

Hemp seeds? In a drink? The Alaska Distillery is the first one ever to create a spirit with hemp seeds. Hemp is a low strain variety of the cannabis sativa plant. A higher THC strain of this plant that you may have heard of is called marijuana. However, don’t think a sip of this will get you high, man. The distillery uses sterilized hemp seeds with no THC. This drink, ironically and symbolically named Purgatory, is a great addition to your 4-20 celebration.

Cookie dough vodka

And Pinnacle makes the list, again! This strange, yet incredibly intriguing flavor of vodka could go either way for us. On one hand, the only reason we make cookies is so we can sample some of the dough. On the other, though, we’ve all felt the wrath in our stomachs of too much cookie dough and the outcome ain’t pretty. In moderation, this could be a delicious addition to a chocolate martini or vanilla ice cream (right?), however, too much could have us reliving those not-so-glorious days of our youth when we had just a little too much raw egg and chocolate chips.

Pizza-flavored beer

There’s nothing better than a cold beer with your pizza, right? After a long work day, you pop open your favorite brewed bottle and sit down to a piping hot pizza from Papa Johns. As good as these two are paired next to each other, we’re not so sure they would taste as great if they, you know, mated. However, Tom and Athena Seefurth, who created this Illinois-based brew swear by it. Made the same way you make pizza, except strained, filtered and steeped, each sip tastes like a bite of pie. Forget ordering out, just drink your pizza for dinner tonight instead.

Smoked salmon- flavored vodka

This is easily one of the weirdest flavors of vodka to ever be invented. Created by the same people who made the hemp seed spirit, it’s for those of us who can’t get enough of that smoked salmon taste. So, we beg the question, does it actually taste like fish? Laurie Constantino, a food writer and blogger, tested this out so we didn’t have to (thanks Laurie!) and says the dominant flavor is smoke, but there’s a slight aftertaste of salmon. It’s not a drink to sip on its own but would make a great addition to a bloody mary.

Bacon vodka/Pickle flavored vodka

We have a tie for the weirdest flavor vodka because it was just too hard to pick between these two, bacon-flavored vodka and pickle-flavored vodka. Bacon vodka, created by Seattle’s Black Rock spirits has the peppery, cured, meaty and crispy flavor you know and love from cooked bacon, just in a drink form. This is not a sipping vodka (unless you really, really love bacon) but we hear it’s delicious in a bloody mary and in vodka sauce! Pickle-flavored vodka, or Snooki’s dream come true, tastes like a pickle, simple as that. Another vodka you wouldn’t just sip, it could be mixed in a bloody mary. We don’t know about you, but the thought of drinking spiked pickle juice makes us want to throw up.

Tell us

What are your thoughts on these weird, flavored drinks? Have you had one and loved it? Hated it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

38 Canned Cocktails That Prove Booze Is Better In A Can

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Alcoholic beverages just taste better out of an Instagrammable aluminum can. It's a fact. And while canned wine has been having a moment, ready-to-drink cocktails are *so* much better&mdashand boozier! From aperol spritz to mimosas, here are our favorites that will get you through the rest of this year and well into next.

If you're looking for the perfect canned cocktail to give you the summer feeling all year long, Miami Cocktail Company has got exactly what you need. Offered in five deliciously addictive flavors (Bellini, Mimosa, Paloma, Margarita, and Sangria), each of the organic spritzers has just 110 calories and offers up a 4.2 percent ABV. Packed with a sweet aroma and drool-worthy taste to match, these refreshing cocktails&mdashwhich are sold in 4-packs for $12.99&mdashgo down as some of the best I've ever had. You can buy them here to see what all the hype is about.

25+ quirky flavoured gins all gin fans need to try

From gins created with rare African botanicals, to gins made with nettles - your spirits cupboard is about to get a little more exciting.

Asda launched three new sweets-inspired gins for summer today [17 June 2019], available in Lemon Sherbet, Pear Drop and Parma Violet. What's more, the new gins include a shimmer of glitter and have been matched perfectly with Asda&rsquos new range of Extra Special mix. Yum.

If bitter tipples are your favourite, you'll love Beefeater's Blood Orange gin, which can be served over ice or topped with tonic water, ginger ale or soda water for the perfect cocktail.

BUY NOW £19.95, The Whisky Exchange

Malfy Gin Rosa is a fresh and bright gin distilled using the peel of Sicilian pink grapefruits, Italian juniper berries, rhubarb, and four other botanicals. The sun-ripened Sicilian pink grapefruits are grown in citrus groves on the Mediterranean coast where the mountains greet the sea.

7 Unexpected Ways to Use Vermouth in Cocktails

Vermouth isn’t just for Martinis. The fortified wine is as versatile as it is complex, making it a perfect addition to myriad cocktails from Negronis to Daiquiris.

As a low-ABV option, vermouth is even delicious on its own — or with a splash of sparkling water.

As sweet, dry, rosso, and bianco vermouths all contain varying flavor profiles, the options for vermouth cocktails are endless. Looking for some inspiration for how to drink the oft-misunderstood ingredient? Check out eight of our favorite vermouth-based recipes below.

The Campo Viejo Recipe

Spicy, citrusy, and aromatic, this cocktail is a delicious blend of Latin and Korean flavors. Tequila, Dolin blanc vermouth, lime juice, tamarind juice, and Cynar make for a balanced cocktail worthy of making for guests. And if you’re feeling fancy and aren’t worried about setting off your fire alarm, try adding smoke to the drink by burning a threaded Korean pepper beneath your glass.

The Duchess Martini Recipe

This Nordic-inspired take on the Martini combines Brennivin Aquavit, bianco vermouth, and sherry for a unique flavor profile. Notes of caraway, a touch of salinity, and an orange twist garnish make this drink anything but traditional. In the words of this drink’s creator, the Duchess is “perfect as is.”

The Mexican Summer Negroni Recipe

Though your summer vacation plans may be foiled, this drink will transport you to paradise. This Negroni riff shows off the versatility of vermouth, combining the fortified wine with non-traditional flavors. Combine earthy tequila and strawberry-infused Campari with sweet vermouth for a seasonal kick.

The Rough Waters Recipe

If you wear contacts, there’s a good chance you’re already stocked up on this cocktail’s secret ingredient. While it may sound strange, saline solution adds complexity to this drink, which is a mixture of Cognac, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters. With its unique, bright flavors, this sipper will have you hooked after just one taste.

The Blackthorn Returns Recipe

Transport to a speakeasy with this take on a whiskey-based Blackthorn cocktail. While the original recipe calls for dry vermouth and Angostura bitters, this variation makes use of blanc vermouth, orange bitters, and a hint of absinthe. Garnish with a lemon twist and rejoice.

The Vine-Groni Recipe

Cucumber-infused gin gives this concoction its refreshing taste. Use rice wine vinegar, salt solution, and Cinzano Bianco Vermouth to round out this cocktail’s briny flavor. Olives and a pickled cucumber ribbon make for beautiful (not to mention tasty) garnishes.

La Naranja Amarga Recipe

The perfect warm-weather companion, this Hanky Panky variation has an irresistible springtime vibe that will be sure to make your taste buds smile. Fernet, gin, and triple sec combine with Punt e Mes sweet vermouth for a dry, orange flavor that makes for a sweet nod to a classic drink.

Kentucky's Finest: 8 of the Best Bourbons You Can Only Find in the Bluegrass State

I was touring distilleries on the American Whiskey Trail, dining at the acclaimed Proof on Main, visiting Vendome Copper & Brass Works, and drinking at The Silver Dollar—mercilessly exploiting its truly epic bourbon list (and fried pickles, prepared the way God intended).

But several distilleries into the trip, I noticed something I hadn’t really paid attention to before—even after more than a few jaunts to the state: Kentucky-only bourbon allocations. Meaning, there were these fantastic expressions that weren’t made for the rest of America to consume. And when I say fantastic, I mean really good stuff you wouldn’t want to part with. The kind of whiskey that blows the mind. The kind would never think to share.

It was an eye-opener, to say the least.

I ended up leaving with a Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked (not to be confused with the Double Oaked) and a Bulleit Barrel Strength—both of which wouldn’t be available in my local New York liquor store. But I knew there were more Kentucky-only treats out there.

So with the help of Eric Gregory, the president of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, I managed to track down a few choice bottles. Below is a list of favorites. And yes, you really do have to book yourself a plane to Kentucky to get these beauties—and the haul will be well worth the trip.

This single-barrel 103-proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey was released in June 2017 for The Kentucky Bourbon Affair. And its new American while oak barrels were toasted to specifications before being charred. The results are exactly what you want a barrel strength bourbon to be: rich, with just a tad of sweetness, and a spice that envelops your mouth, plus a long drawn out finish—the gift that keeps on giving. Many prefer to add a few drops of distilled water, just to open it up a little further and release the bouquet. But I do not. (I usually do that with other spirits, but with this one…it’s perfect the way it is.)

People who have been lucky enough to enjoy this $290 (SRP) bourbon will tell you that it’s sweet with hints of chocolate, toffee, and oak. I must confess, though: I have not had it. Not for lack of trying. It’s just not easy to find. But with the information I do have, I can only tell you two things: Enjoy it alone—as it is, with no food pairing. This one is meant to be consumed leisurely over a significant period of time. Or enjoy it with just one or two squares of dark chocolate. Because really, you want to enhance and complement the bourbon’s flavors—not drown it.

It’s no secret that the Maker’s Mark Private Select Program allows guests to hand select custom barrels and staves to create their very own expressions. Even restaurants, bars, and hotels from all over the country partake. But only when you visit Kentucky will you be able to try this particularly special treat (in addition to the Dale Chihuly ceiling in the Maker’s Mark Private Select warehouse). Maker’s Mark Chairman Emeritus, Bill Samuels, Jr., has his very own Private Select, which features Maker’s 46, which is Maker's Mark Cask Strength that is finished with seared French oak staves. The result? More vanilla, oak, and spice.

If your ever find yourself in the Maker's Mark Distillery, ask to see the Dale Chihuly ceiling—all . [+] while sipping on a Private Select bourbon and nibbling on a piece of fine chocolate.

How can you tell if you really love that special person in your life? Here’s one way: Spend a minimum of $250 (SRP) on highly-allocated bourbon. Granted, it’s not the same as dropping more than $3,000 for a Louis XIII, but that’s not what we’re talking about. In this country and certainly in New York, anything more than $100 for bourbon is already at the super premium category. But this is well worth the price. It’s rich, full-bodied, smooth—with a mellow burn.

I bought Bulleit Barrel Strength in April. And it would be an unfortunate lie if I told you—as a bourbon lover—to forego it. But I won’t do that. You should absolutely book a flight to Louisville right now and go for it. Stock up. I’d even tell you to buy the merch while you’re at the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience at Stitzel-Weller. I know I did. As for the bourbon, you probably won’t get the same thing as I have. You see, it’s uncut and unfiltered. Barrel strength—as with the aforementioned Michter’s. So your ABV will vary and the proof will range from 120 to 125. But rest assured that you’ll get a mildly sweet bourbon with a prolonged and dry finish. And because of the high rye content, you'll get wonderful spice on the palate and finish.

Now this is a bottle for a special occasion. Full disclosure: I’m a tad biased when it comes to Brown-Forman spirits—only because they have yet to produce and expression that didn’t quite work with my palate. But this 90.4-proof bourbon is one of a kind. If you’re familiar with the Double Oaked, you’ll find its cousin familiar—just spicier. But at the same time, it’s also sweeter. Warmer. Perfect for the fall and winter months.

In Kentucky, the definition of “small batch” is relative. But the high-proof (at 110 to 120) RockCastle comes from between three to six casks. And that really is small batch, especially when you factor in angels’ share. Another thing to note: RockCastle likes to use locally-grown corn, wheat, and malt barley. Although they didn’t specify whether local meant “America” or “Kentucky,” it’s a far cry from raw materials sourced abroad.

Ten Nutty Laws Unique to Texas: What’s the Strangest Lone Star Law?

Ah, Texas. The land of cattle, cowboys… and weird laws? Here are ten strange laws unique to the Lone Star State.

1. No Feather Dusters!

In Clarendon, Texas, using a feather duster in a public building is illegal. Why? Maybe a person using a feather duster stirred up some dust and made the wrong person sneeze. You can use a feather duster in a private building, like a house, all you want.

If you find yourself cleaning a public building in Clarendon, you can use a dustrag. That’s perfectly legal. Thank goodness.

2. Make Sure to RSVP if You’re Committing a Crime.

If you decide to commit a crime in Texas, make sure to inform your victim verbally or in writing at least 24 hours before you commit a nefarious act! Otherwise, you’re breaking the law.

We like the idea of a written notification. A greeting card company needs to make “Breaking the Law and Thinking of You” cards as soon as possible.

3.No Selling Organs for Cash.

As hard as it may be to believe, selling your eye or other organ is illegal in the state of Texas. So, you will need to keep both eyes solidly in your head, where they belong. Try to find another way to make the rent.

By the way, selling your blood is perfectly legal in the state of Texas. Just realize that if you sell all of it, you’ll die and won’t be able to spend any money. There’s always a catch.

4. What’s his Crime? Owning an Encyclopedia!

In Texas, you are not allowed to own the Encyclopedia Britannica, because it contains a beer-making recipe.

Apparently, the state of Texas is afraid we’ll all start brewing beer in our houses and become bootleggers. Crime will skyrocket as we fight for domination of the Underworld, using Encyclopedia Britannica beer.

You wonder what would happen if the lawmakers in Austin ever found out about the Internet.

5. Are Those Wirecutters in Your Pocket…

Speaking of Austin, did you know it’s illegal to walk around in our state capital city with wire cutters in your pocket? Well, it is. Seems like a silly law, but there actually is a reason for it.

Back in the day, people argued about whether barbed wire fences should be legal or not. People who disliked barbed wire fences would go around with wire cutters and cut the fences that offended them. Naturally, that was illegal. If you own land, you can put a barbed wire fence on it.

But the authorities had a difficult time proving that the person accused had actually cut the fence. This was before cameras were in everyone’s pocket. So, instead, they just created a law saying that having wire cutters in your pocket is illegal. Makes sense, after a fashion.

6. Cheapest Wedding Ever? Just Say You’re Married 3 Times!

In some ways, Texas is pretty relaxed about marriage. Because of common law statutes, all two people need to do to be married is tell other folks that they are wedded.

If a couple informs different groups of people three separate times that they’re married, then they are. It’s as simple as that! No preacher necessary.

There are a few rules about this. First of all, the two parties can’t be married to anyone else. Bigamy is not allowed.

Second, the two people can’t be related. We aren’t going to comment on this one.

Finally, both parties need to be over 18. Otherwise, some of us would have been married at 5 to our kindergarten sweethearts.

7.Sitting On the Sidewalk? Illegal!

Of all the things to face a fine for, sitting on the sidewalk is probably one of the most embarrassing. But it can cost you $500 in Galveston. Maybe you should just find a bench.

At least all it will cost you is a fine. Imagine a hardened con asking you what you’re in for, and your reply is “Well, I was sitting on the sidewalk…”. You might catch some grief from your cellmates.

8. Every Modern Building Should Have a Spittoon!

In El Paso, a law is on the books requiring all “Churches, hotels, halls of assembly, stores, markets, banking rooms, railroad depots and saloons” to have spittoons. And not just one or two. They need to be of a “kind and number to efficiently contain expectorations into them.”

Bunches of spittoons are required in El Paso, for nearly every building. The last time we stayed in a hotel in El Paso, there were no spittoons in sight. Some of us were more disappointed than others.

9. No Swearing! The Deceased Might be Offended.

In Texas, it’s illegal to swear in front of a corpse. Apparently, lawmakers were concerned with all of the swearing that goes on at funerals, and they put a stop to it.

So, don’t curse out your annoying aunt at the memorial service. Save any foul language for the car ride home.

10. He was Flirting with his Eyes!

Dating in San Antonio can be tough. It’s even tougher with a law on the books saying that you can’t flirt with your eyes and hands.

Texas seems to be very particular when it comes to eyes. You can’t sell them, and you can’t flirt with them. In Texas, eyes are used only for seeing. The laws here are strict about that sort of thing.

Flirting with your hands is pretty thin ice in today’s climate though, so maybe this one is understandable.

Every state has crazy laws on the books. Usually, they linger on because no one bothers to enforce them, and it would take too much political effort to get rid of them.

Fortunately, in Texas, it’s pretty easy to be a law-abiding citizen. Most of the laws here are fair and justifiable. But it is fun to see some of the more nonsensical laws in our great state!

7 Rainy Day Activities to Brighten Your Mood

They say that April showers bring May flowers but they may also bring a funky mood. All of the rain that comes along this time of year can really get depressing. Sure, there are people who power through it but who really wants to go out when it’s pouring outside?

One of the best ways to combat the seasonal downpour is to embrace it . That’s right, it’s time to get down with some cozy pajamas and these suggestions for brightening your mood when it’s gray and gloomy.

Transform a rainy day from repugnant to indulgent by setting the mood. Keep your overhead lights dim, or off, and light some soft candles instead. If you want, you can also add some aromatherapy by misting essential oils or burning incense.

Based on how you’re feeling, choose some music to play in the background as the soundtrack of your day. Don’t feel like you need to shy away from the slow, melodic stuff either. It often feels really good to play something gentle and soothing when the skies are dreary.

Hot Drinks and Treats

If you love flavored coffees, cider or hot chocolate this is the perfect time to enjoy one of these hot drinks. Some people like to add liqueurs such as Peppermint Schnapps or Bailey’s for an extra kick. You will feel warmed up from the inside out.

Of course, if you’re going to sip a tasty beverage, you might as well indulge in a treat or two. Banana bread or cookies straight from the oven or even some indoor s’mores might be just what you need to get through the day!

While we’re talking about food, why not pull out your slow cooker to make a warm, delicious dinner? It’s a perfect solution because rainy days can make you feel lazy. A hearty stew or chili is easy to throw together and tastes amazing after simmering all day.

If you’ve got spare time while you’re already in the kitchen, take a few moments to sit at the table and go through your recipes. Archive or discard anything you aren’t using and organize everything else.

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to put on some fuzzy socks, grab a blanket and curl up on the couch with a great book. Too often, we buy a title that we’re excited about but then get sidetracked by life. Make a promise to yourself to dig into it the next time the weather is cold and damp.

Two or more people can have a lot of fun with a board game. Sadly, they used to be so much more popular than it is today because we’re so busy on our devices. If it’s overcast and you’re sitting around wondering what to do, put your phones away and play a game instead.

Three of the most popular choices are Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. Consider a special themed version (such as Doctor Who or Game of Thrones ) to drum up excitement. While you’ll probably have a blast, expect a little drama too. Board games can get really competitive!

Have a Movie Marathon

One of the very best things you can do on a rainy day is to have a movie marathon. Whether it’s films you’ve always wanted to see or a collection of your favorites, there’s something so restorative about chilling on the couch while it’s blustery outside.

Feel like hosting your own little film festival? Mix some drinks and invite your friends over for a day of movie trivia and spirited debates. You won’t even miss the sunshine!

In all honesty, there are plenty of things you can force yourself to do but, sometimes, you might not even want to get out of bed on a rainy day. If you can, go ahead and sleep in a little or, at the very least, linger under the sheets for a while.

For the rest of the day, really pamper yourself. Deep condition your hair, use a facial mask, moisturize your skin and give your nails some much-needed attention. Regardless of gender, we could all use a little more self-care, so do the things that make your body feel good.

This time of year can be a little depressing and it’s hard to make plans with so much rain in the forecast. Take a cue from Mother Nature and use this rainy season as an opportunity to nourish your soul and grow.[/tweet_quote] Do things that you’re normally too busy to do and allow it to boost your mood. Take care of yourself before the long summer days begin.


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