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Woman Eats $7,000 to Keep it From Husband

Woman Eats $7,000 to Keep it From Husband

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A woman ate several thousand dollars to keep her cheating husband away from the money


A Colombian woman reportedly ate $7,000 in cash rather than share it with her philandering husband.

A woman who discovered her husband was cheating on her responded by eating $7,000 rather than share the funds with her philandering husband, say the doctors who had to surgically remove the rolled-up bills from her stomach.

According to the BBC, 30-year-old Sandra Milena Almeida from Colombia had been saving the money for a vacation with her husband, but when she discovered that he was cheating on her, she was going to use it to leave him. Allegedly, her husband found the stash of money in their house and demanded half of it, at which point Almeida ate the money rather than give it to him.

She reportedly did not tell anyone that she had eaten the money, not even when she was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pains the following afternoon, but doctors saw the rolled-up bills in her stomach and intestines in an X-ray.

Doctors removed the money blocking Almeida’s stomach and intestines, and $5,700 of it was still salvageable. The rest was too far damaged by her stomach acids.

According to, the hospital gave the money to the police, and a judge will have to decide how it will be divided in the divorce.

Almeida is now reportedly saving for a luxury vacation to take by herself.

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